I am Steven. The thriving force behind the Codestack scenes.

Short introduction

I am a passionate senior fullstack web developer with over 10 years of experience with a wide range of clients in diverse industries. Due to my expertise in both front- and backend technologies, I will bring great value to any team or project. Aside from the technical know-how, I possess a healthy dose of social skills. I lead by example, use clear communication and never shy away from respectfully questioning the status quo.

Quick run on the resume

I'm constantly adding new tools and techniques to my skill set. Here are some key characteristics, based on my latest assignments:

  • C# / .NET Core
  • JavaScript (ES6, TypeScript, Node.js, Electron, Angular)
  • Cloud computing services (GCP, Azure)
  • Containerization platforms (Docker, Kubernetes)
  • Architecture (Microservices, Event-driven)
  • Databases (MongoDB, SQL Server, EF)
  • High profile clients (VeePee, Flemish Government)

For a complete overview of my carreer path so far, head over to my profile.


Available for short- and long-term assignments

I provide my services both remote and on-site. Currently located in Berlin.


Frederik Prijck (former colleague)
I have had the luck to work on the same project as Steven. From the very first moment it was obvious Steven has a pretty broad knowledge of .NET and general web development. His strong focus on quality and innovation helps the team move forward without giving up the customer satisfaction. Apart from his technical knowledge, his social skills make him a great asset to every team.

Luc Bos (former colleague)
Working together with Steven has been a pleasure. Steven is a real team player and very communicative. His work methodology is thorough and well thought out. He is a quick learner and does not shy away from difficult or complex tasks. Steven is a person you can have a laugh with and rely on when hard work needs to be done. I'll gladly work together with Steven in the future when the opportunity presents itself.